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Famed Egyptian archaeologist travels to U.S. to promote 'Not by Africans' tour

Follow-up interview to the this article: The Importance of Egypt to The African Mind, March 22, 2023

Former Minister of Egyptian Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass, is the superstar of a growing movement whose main mission is to erase people of African descent from their pioneering role in ancient Egypt.

Mr. Hawass, the mastermind and inspiration of this revisionist movement, is scheduled to begin his 23-city Grand Lecture Tour in the United States this May.1 Separating Egypt from Africa and denying the Blackness of the founders of Dynastic Egypt are the cornerstones of his popularity. 

For instance, in the Daily News Egypt, Hawass speculated that “the origin of Ancient Egyptians was purely Egyptian based on the discovery made by British Egyptologist Flinders Petrie at Naqada, and this is why the Ancient Egyptian civilization did not occur in Africa, it occurred only here.”2

His unscientific conclusions are based upon anti-Black biases and are contradicted by DNA evidence, eyewitness accounts and self-depictions by Egyptians themselves. Most non-African historians prefer to begin their study of Ancient Egypt after the 18th Dynasty (1292 BCE)  and later instead of at the First Dynasty (3100 BCE). This is so because during the later Dynasties Egypt began to slowly develop a cosmopolitan skin tone--like New York City--as invaders and foreigners intermixed with indigenious Africans. 


Around 430 B.C., for example, Herodotus described the Egyptians as “dark skinned with woolly-hair" like their neighbors to the South, the Kushites. The Kingdom of Kush is primarily located in modern day Sudan. Unlike many European and Middle Eastern historians, Herodotus’s observations were not corrupted by racial superiority.  That is, this Greek historian had no agenda other than to describe what he saw during his visit to Egypt, known as Kemet at the time.

On the other hand, Hawass intends to accomplish what Eurocentric Prof. Mary Lefkowitz failed to accomplish in the 1990s.  She promoted similar anti-Black ideas on speaking tours for her book, Not Out of Africa. Had it not been for a severe and expeditious response from the community of African-centered scholars, led by Drs. John Henrik Clarke, Molefi Asante, and Leonard Jeffries, Lefkowitz’s Eurocentric theories may have penetrated deeper into academia. In fact, the very presence of African-centered scholars of that golden period forced Lefkowitz and other Eurocentric scholars into hiding for nearly three decades.

But, Hawass wants to revive false notions of Egypt, once again. 

Zahi Hawass

Hawass is de facto promoting a ban on certain aspects of Black History from being taught in Egyptian institutions if those facts threaten his misleading view that Arabs were the original Egyptians. His African xenophobia turns him away from a glaring fact: His ancestors did not enter Egypt until 639 AD. Yet, The Step Pyramid was built around 2630 B.C., over three-thousand years before invaders conquered Egypt during the Caliphate of Umar ibn al-Khattab.

Hawass styles himself as an Middle Eastern version of Indiana Jones. Despite his Hollywood antics, his stature as the godfather of non-Black Egyptologists makes him a serious concern to Blacks. His reputation as the authority on ancient Egypt won him the distinction of being the personal tour guide for former U.S. Pres. Barack Obama and many Grammy Award winners including Will Smith. In addition, his anti-Black pronouncements are considered mandates by those he inspires. One fanatical admirer of Hawass is the group Egyptian Consciousness. This radical Middle Eastern group is the intellectual watchdog for anti-Black organizations based in Egypt. Egyptian Consciousness displayed the degree of its power against an African-centered tour guide agency in 2021. This writer chose not to disclose the identity of the agency for strategic reasons. 

However, the founding director of the agency, related to this writer that staff and others were set to travel to Egypt with over two-hundred people when Egyptian Consciousness led an organized effort to prevent the group from holding a conference in Aswan, Egypt. This extremist group led a petition with that was signed by almost two-thousand supporters. Signatories of that petition expressed racial hatred towards people of African descent in words unsuitable to print here. The quote that follows satisfies the point being made.

“[The] Afrocentric movement is a pretender and thief of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Egyptian murals and ancient statues testify to the falsehood of that movement. The Egyptians now resemble the ancient ancestors and do not resemble the Afrocentric Negroes. Stop this claim and this lie,” is one of the disturbing remarks posted by Hend Ghani, an Egyptian Consciousness member. 

As a result of this campaign group rescheduled its trip. Upon learning of the rescheduling, Egyptian Consciousness triumphantly gloated: “A communication was officially submitted to prevent the most prominent members of the organization from entering Egypt completely for any reason and to prevent them from excavating antiquities in Egypt.”

But this particular agency is not the only victim.

The Center for Pan African Studies (CPAS) strongly suspect that Egyptian Consciousness-affiliate groups are behind the abrupt cancellation of Kevin Hart’s first comedy show in Egypt last month. Hart was swiftly targeted after he said: “We must teach our children the true history of Black Africans when they were kings in Egypt and not just the era of slavery that is cemented by education in America. Do you remember the time when we were kings?”3

To be sure, a growing African consciousness is stirring anxiety in the minds of racists who share the views of Hawass.  These Middle Easterners are deliberately targeting the philosophical progeny of Cheikh Anta Diop and Dr. Asa Hillard whom they deem are manifested in groups like the Center for Pan African Studies. Moreover, they view these groups as part of the current vanguards of African-centered/Pan African thinking.

Hence, in recent years these Middle Eastern hate groups have intensified their opposition towards Black educators, on par with the hatred exhibited by White supremacists in the U.S.  To be honest, it seems like Hawass and others are trying to outdo the racism towards Blacks promoted by people like Gov. Ron DeSantis. These attacks occur at a time when they believe people of African descent are exhausted by other pressing issues and thus are incapable of responding thoughtfully or collectively. 

Hawass is taking advantage of our confusion. He is making a daring 23-city tour in cities that have significant African American populations. He wants Black kids to believe that they are incapable of producing anything noteworthy.  His tickets cost up to $1,000. One of his stops is in Detroit on May 26, 2023--the current hometown of this author. I am certain that a Detroit delegation will be waiting outside the event protesting his anti-Black propaganda. It will be prudent if Black organizations, and especially Black Studies departments, mobilize members and students to show up at other events on his itinerary. 

Unfortunately, many African-centered scholars have chosen not to respond directly to Hawass out of fear that he may ban future travels to Egypt. However, some years ago I decided not to travel to Egypt because I did not want to contribute to the billions of dollars the Egyptian government receives from tourists each year.

If Blacks do not strongly oppose Hawass and his minions, we risk losing all the hard-fought gains made by historians J.A. Rogers, George G.M. James, and Master Teacher Dr. Josef Ben Jochananon. 


  1. May 2 Phoenix, AZ. May 4 Los Angeles, CA. May 5 San Diego, CA. May 8 San Francisco, CA. May 11 Seattle/Tacoma, WA. May 13 Portland, OR. May 17 Denver, CO. May 20 Kansas City, MO. May 22 Minneapolis, MN. May 24 /Rosemont, IL. May 26 Detroit, MI. May 27 Columbus, OH. May 31 St. Louis/St. Charles, MO. June 5 Atlanta, GA. June 7 Philadelphia, PA. June 9 New York, NY. June 13 Washington, D.C. June 16 Miami, FL. June 17 Orlando, FL. June 22 Houston, TX. June 24 Dallas, TX. June 27 San Antonio, TX. June 30 Boston, MA.

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We must fight on all fronts!

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We must stay vigilante.

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We must oppose his Racist hatred. But we must do so with doc****ented evidence. And there is plenty of it.
There a ton of books, that if studied, deal a deathblow to there arrogant ignorance.

Olatunji Mwamba Posted: 3 months ago

What does “Not By Africans” mean?

Dr. KwakuPosted: 1 year ago

Thank you for this article. Please continue the work.

MakembsPosted: 1 year ago

Not all Egyptians are "Arabs" and invaded in the 600s. The claim that all non black Egyptians are invaders by African Americans is the reason why Egyptians are combative with Americans. Being an Arab and being Arabized are not the same, most Egyptians are Arabized and have ancestors that predate the Arab invasion.

Clark DaltonPosted: 1 year ago

In predynastic times copper, brown and dark Negroid Ruled what is today called Africa, based just on this we have more than enough ancient predynastic proof that this guy is a fraud. That he is trying to replace his copper, brown and dark Mothers / ancestors wh**** mixed and procreated these pale people mulatto mutation.

Piye, or Piankhi as he was called was one of many Negroid predynastic Pharaohs of Kush, wh**** conquered and ruled all of what is today called Nubia, Kush, Egypt, then Memphis. He united the upper and lower parts, which consisted of the upper kingdoms of Tanis, Mennefer, Waset, Irem Punt, Meroe, Napata, Nemyw, Thebes down to the lower Kingdoms. This was called the Kus****e Empire, or Kus****e heartlands, and was ruled by Negroids. This battle can be seen in the Stela of Piye which is at the Temple of Amun Re at Gebel Barkal.

We can also find proof of our dominance at Abu Simbel, which sh****ws black fighting against blacks as the saying goes today. We can also see our Negroid dominance at the Temple of Isis, and Punt. But much of our peoples rich past was covered up and destroyed through the flooding through the Aswan Dam built by a Mulatto Egyptian and former leader Gamal Abdel Na****er; this dam is the main reason why our ancient predynastic negroid legacy has been flooded, destroyed and visually hidden.

From these parts of the world we also know that Namer was a Negroid, Marduk apia iddna the Babylonian was Negroid, Jehu King of Judah was Negroid, Shalmaneser of Judah was Negroid, we know that the Nubian Prince Heqanefer of kush was a Negoid, as well as Tutankhamun. We know the Nubian Pharaoh Shebikut was a Negroid, we know that Taharqa the warrior Pharaoh was a Nubian, Prince Arikankharer was a Nubian, and the many matriarchal creatrix were Negroid of th****se ancient lands which consisted of what is today called Egypt. It’s all over the walls of Abu Simbel, the Temple of Isis, Temple of Amun, the Stella of Piye, Kawa Shrine, Temple of Mut, Palace of Sennacherib, etc.

It is important for everyone to over – stand that ALL of the land ma**** today called Africa, Egypt, etc was a Negroid land which would include what is today called the Middle East, Asia, Crete (Greece), Europe.

We must prove and sh****w that during the predynastic periods everyone in the east was Negroid, which would include Sumeria, a****yria, Nubia, Kmt, Abyssinia, Chaldea, Juda, Mesopotamia, Sumer, Arabia, Armenia, Babylonia, Asia Minor, Crete, Ph****nicians, etc were copper, brown and dark melanin people.

Negroid Pharaoh Shebitku, sent Taharqa and his combined Egyptian – Kus****e army wh**** defeated the Negroid a****yrian ruler Sennacherib at the battle of Eltekeh to save the Negroid Judean King Hezekiah and his Judean people. This today we call that same place Israel, thus it was a Negroid that freed Judah appose to the lie of Moses freeing the Israelites, for the control of the a****yrian instead of the Egyptians.

Some three centuries after the first recorded major encounter between the Egyptians and the Nubians Sneferu is recorded as Hacking up the land of the NEGRO. Bringing 7,000 living prisoners, and 200,000 large and small cattle.

Palermo Stone by James Henry Breasted Ancient Records of Egypt Part One, § 146

In the same year he had built 100-cubit dewatowe-ships of meru wood and
60 sixteen-barges possibly used in the raid against the Nubians.

By the sixth dynasty king Merenre seems to have achieved more peaceful
relations with the northern Nubian tribes, which he at least interpreted as
subjugation, in his own words making them smell the earth translated here
as doing obeisance.

The coming of the king himself, standing behind the hill country, while the chiefs of Madzoi, Irthet, and Wawat, did obeisance and gave great praise.

Forienta Northern inscription at the first cataract
By James Henry Breasted Ancient Records of Egypt Part One, § 317

The conquest of Kush continued. In an inscription at Karnak Hatshepsut had claimed that her southern boundary is as far as the lands of Punt; but only by the middle of the 15th century BCE the land up to the 4th cataract was in Egyptian hands and remained so until the eclipse of Egyptian might. In a scene in his tomb, Hui, an official under Tutankhamen, is received by
the king and appointed King's Son of Kush.

The overseer of the White h****use; he says:

"This is the seal from the Pharaoh, L.P.H., wh**** a****igns to thee (the territory)
from Nekhen to Napata."

From the tomb of Hui by James Henry Breasted Ancient Records of Egypt Part Two, § 1022

Napata became the southern-most centre of power in Egyptian Nubia which covered a huge area. Under Tutankhamen two viceroys, Hui and his brother Amenh****tep were in charge of it as King's Sons of Kush, but their importance may have been greater than that of mere local officials. In Hui's tomb they are sh****wn as presenting tribute from Retenu to the king. In
another scene Hui receives inhabitants of Nubia, native chiefs in Egyptian garb, their children - among them a princess in an ox-drawn chariot, and local Egyptian notables. Finds in the cemetery of Tombos suggest that the Nubian elite also seem to have intermarried with their Egyptian rulers [10].

They continued to play a part in the running of their country, as this
inscription suggests:

The chief of Miam, good ruler. The chiefs of Wayet. The
children of the chiefs of all countries

From the tomb of Hui by James Henry Breasted Ancient Records of Egypt Part Two, § 1037

Montuh****tep wh**** was also a brother sealed the deal with his Foreign campaigns {c. 2035-2022?}

“Two royal inscriptions speak rather generically of Montuh****tep's foreign campaigns. The Dendera chapel inscription describes "clubbing the eastern lands, striking down the hill-countries, trampling the deserts, enslaving the Nubians ... lof the] Medjay and Wawat [tribes], the Libyans and the [Easterners], by [the power of the war god] h****rus" (Cll2:480; PSE Figure 25). Inscriptions from a temple at Gebelein also celebrate the reunification and subsequent campaigns. The first sh****ws the kings smiting a Libyan called "Hedj-wawesh, Prince of Libya" (FP 177; PSE Figure 23). The second relief sh****ws Montuh****tep smiting four cowering prisoners: an Egyptian -representing his conquest of northern Egypt -as well as a Nubian, a Canaanite, and a Libyan (PSE Figure 24). The king is described as "conquering the Chiefs of the Two Lands, the South and the North [of Egypt], land] the foreigners and the two Nile banks [east and west], the Nine Bows and h****th Egypts" (MKT 24 = ARE 1:204-5 = Cll2:482). From these two inscriplions (NEA 36) we see royal propaganda claiming to have not only reunified Egypt, but defeated all ofEgypt's traditional foreign enemies.

Montuh****tep's el-Deir inscription describes the defeat of the foreigners, .lnd their subsequent ritual acts of submission and oath of loyalty taken to the king.

His [the king's] flames fell among the foreign lands ... the foreign lands were hastening [to fight] ... the hinterlands were blocked and the Qedem lands were closed [after the Egyptian victory]; ... the Easterners came bowing head [in submission] to the banks of the sea. I went downstream to the estate of Khss-seat of the Rule of the Two Lands.... the people of the foreign lands came with arm bent [in submission]. They made the Oath of the God, everyone [of the defeated foreign enemies] therein upon his head, and the subjugated man therein was put to work [as forced laborers for Egypt

Warfare in the Ancient Near East to 1600 B.C. by Samy Salah, page 339

Nuqman Tehuti ElPosted: 1 year ago

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