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3:48 PMDr. Arikana speaks fearlessly about Israel’s lack of accountability 9:23 PMMali, Niger, Burkina Faso finalize plan to form federation9:37 PMU.S Troops to Depart from Niger by mid-September8:51 PMAfrican American soldier shot dead by police in Florida; no arrest made12:07 PMPalestinians in Rafa face humanitarian crisis as US position remains ambiguous 12:03 PMSenegal President expresses desire to join Alliance of Sahel 10:42 PMBiden admits US bombs used by the Israeli Defense Force kill Palestinians civilians, too2:55 PMIsraeli forces take control of Gaza side of Rafah crossing with Egypt2:35 PMDr. Arikana from USA to Burkina Faso meet Captain Traore Shocks the World7:54 AMUN Says Occupation of Rafah could be a Blood Bath 2:55 PMEurope would die without Africa French president cries out as loses grip on Africa 5:32 PMChadians vigilant ahead of elections on Monday 5:01 PMIbrahim Traore bans Western media in Burkina Faso7:47 AMScott Ritter: U.S. Destabilizes BRICS by increasing Israel-Iran war and turn India into a poison bullet10:37 PMAfrican nations repatriate their gold and foreign reserves from the USA2:54 PMNiger builds refineries, supplies 150 million liters to Sahel Alliance7:01 AMBurkina Faso, Mali and Niger collapse borders in AES, forming one army9:30 PMSenegal abandoning French language 4:32 PMSenegal President Bassirou Faye decoupling from Western influence10:41 PMNiger: Former president Mohamed Bazoum's lawyers call on the state court10:33 PM Togo's parliamentary election tests proposal to prolong dynasty's rule